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Business Development

How To Get A Local Site On Google

Local business offer unique advantages when it comes to search engine optimization. There’s a whole world of services out there aimed at advertising to specific locations. People still do most of their business around where they live. If your site is for a business with a specific location you need to take advantage of this…

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Keep It Tidy: The Importance Of Site Structure

Good site structure is incredibly important. A tidy, well-organised site is preferable to a messy, hard-to-navigate site for a number of reasons. Websites that have a logical URL structure and easy-to-use navigation are far more appealing to human visitors – after all, visitors prefer sites that make it easier to find what they need. Who…

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The Top 5 Current SEO Trends In New Zealand

As you are probably aware, search engine optimisation is an ever-changing industry. One minute, it’s all about how many backlinks you can create in a day, the next it’s about creating content that reads like an expert wrote it. Google releases algorithm updates all the time, and therefore the game is always changing. Over the…

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